NSF CC* Cyberinfrastructure Grants Program 2024

The NSF recently released the solicitation for the 2024 program. The program includes five areas of focus this year. These include (1) Data Driven Networking for the Campus, (2) Computing and the Computing Continuum, (3) Network Integration and Applied Innovation, (4) Data Storage and Digital Archives for the Region, and (5) Strategy for the Campus. “Projects that help overcome disparities in cyber-connectivity associated with geographic location, and thereby advance the geography of innovation and enable populations based in these locales to become more nationally competitive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research and education are particularly encouraged. Science-driven requirements are the primary motivation for any proposed activity.” Of course, network enhancements that benefit academic programs can also be leveraged for the entire campus where applicable. Collaboration between institutions and the regional network (MDREN) is encouraged. MDREN is available to provide advice and assistance or to refer applicants to NSF resources or grant-writing professionals. Institutions that are new to NSF grant proposals may want to consider a Strategy for the Campus grant ($100k-$200k over two years) that can be used to plan a program or initiative before applying for a larger cyberinfrastructure grant. Contact Jerry Waldron for more information, jwaldron@usmd.edu.