NSF CC* Grant

The NSF CC* grant was completed, and the report was submitted! Thanks to Damian Doyle (UMBC) and Dr. Eric Davidson (UMCES) who served as PIs. Special thanks also to Brad Bothun and Norwin Malmberg for exceptional technical support. The grant provided upgrades to 10GB to six USM campuses and research centers. It also provided access to the Fortra GoAnywhere large file transfer tool for rapid file transfer. This will save time and bandwidth. The tool is configured to provide “drag and drop” file transfer for researchers who need to share or collaborate on large data sets. It can also be used for administrative applications that require integration with third-party applications. For more information contact Brad Bothun (bbothun@usmd.edu) at MDREN. More information on the 2023 NSF Cyberinfrastructure grant programs can be found here. The 2024 program details should be available at this location in December 2023.