UPDATE: MDREN Network Upgrade

MDREN is working with the Salisbury University Procurement Department to release an RFP for a router upgrade at all member campuses. The RFP will be posted in the eMaryland Marketplace in early July 2023. We expect to start reviewing the submissions by mid-August. An award may be made in early September. Most vendors are warning us to expect delivery 6-9 months after the order is processed. Our project plan is leaning towards delivering and setup up to the member campuses during the summer of 2024. The RFP calls for up to 10 years of product maintenance in procurement. Following the router upgrade we will be planning a core upgrade in 18-24 months. The upgrade will enable MDREN to provide up to 100GB of service to each member campus.

We are “recruiting” engineers from member campuses to assist with the RFP evaluation process in August. If you would like to volunteer or learn more contact Jerry Waldron (jwaldron@usmd.edu) .