NSF Grant Update

MDREN was awarded an NSF grant in 2019 to upgrade several member campuses to 10GB. The grant also included the enhancement of big data transfer by creating a science DMZ on selected campuses an

adopting a software product to manage the transfers. The grant concluded in June 2023 with great success.

Throughput enhancements were made at Frostburg State University, the UMCES lab sites, and the Maryland Psychiatric Center. Other grant project participants included Salisbury University and UMES. The project originally planned to use the Globus data transfer tool but shifted to the GoAnywhere tool by Forta. GoAnywhere is a versatile tool that allows transfers to be automated and enable researchers to move large data sets through the MDREN Fiona server an on to a destination. It’s a great tool for moving data to a high-performance computing cluster, data warehouse, cloud storage provider, or to a collaborator. This tool is free for member campuses to use. For more information contact Brad Bothun (bbothun@usmd.edu) at MDREN.