MDREN Technology Day

MDREN held its first Technology Day mini conference on June 27, 2023, at the USM Headquarters in Adelphi. About 40 networking professionals (and a few CIOs!) were able to attend. Special thanks to Kurt Florez (UMCES) and Jeremy Walker (CDW) for leading the discussion of the product landscape for campus video surveillance systems and specifically the UMCES adoption of the Verkada cloud-based system. Our second session included an introduction to eSports, its adoption at the k-12, community college, and four-year college levels. Special thanks to Sergio Brack from College Park, Joseph Queen from Morgan State, Ted McNett from Carroll County PS, and Bill Waldrup, Harford County PS.

It was great to get together face to face for the first time in years. We hope to hold another session in October 2023. Please feel free to send your ideas to Jerry Waldron (