I. Preamble. This charter establishes a structure for the Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN) to provide networking services to the University System of Maryland (USM) and other Maryland education institutions.

II. Identity. MDREN’s mission is to advance networking technology and services for Maryland’s research and education institutions.

III. Governance. MDREN shall be governed by the MDREN Board. The MDREN Board has authority and responsibility for overseeing the operations of MDREN. The Board shall be constituted of representatives of member institutions in accordance with the Bylaws.

IV. Policy Role. The MDREN Board shall serve as an advisory body for policy development in the networking area for the USM and other Maryland education institutions.

V. Responsibility. MDREN shall be responsible for providing an appropriate networking infrastructure for instruction, research, and public service, including access to student services and libraries, linkages to local, state, national and international networks, and additional services that support academic missions.

VI. Finance. The MDREN Board is responsible for ensuring a stable and equitable funding base that, at the same time, permits MDREN to support new initiatives.

VII. Annual Budget Approval. The MDREN Board shall annually approve the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

VIII. Ownership of Assets. All assets are owned by the USM and their disposition, should MDREN dissolve, will be determined by the USM.