Useful Interactive Video Network Terminology:

Here are some terms used on the IVN pages that may not be familiar to all users. In addition, some terms may have a specific meaning to IVN.


A device that accepts video and voice calls from different places and connects them all together. For video conferences, the bridge also determines which other site(s) each site can see and how they are arranged on the screen.


On IVN, a conference refers to a specific class or meeting. A conference may only happen once, for a single session or it may have many sessions over time.


A device that acts as a mediator in conferencing. The gatekeeper directs calls and determines who is allowed to call who, thus acting like a combination phone operator/security guard.


A group of settings for a bridge that determine how the bridge should run a conference.


A single gathering or instance of a class or meeting. A conference may have many sessions, and those sessions may happen in a predictable pattern or at arbitrary, ad-hoc times.


When discussing video conferencing, a site refers to a single device in some location that can dial into and participate in a conference session. Sometimes, for administrative purposes, we refer to a single entity that may want to participate in conferences as a “site,” such as “Chesapeake College,” even thouch Chesapeake College actually has more than one device capable of calling into a session; when we need to specify a particular device in a particular classroom or meeting room, we refer to that as a room.

The IVN system currently has 4 bridges supporting 2127 conferences scheduled in 147 IVN rooms at 44 different sites, not counting numerous temporarily connected systems and off-network users.